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How to Install Artificial Grass

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Measure the area you want to install the artificial grass

Artificial grass needs to correctly fit into the space in order to give you the best-looking lawn. Make sure you measure it accurately and purchase enough grass to cover the entire area.

To take the correct measurements, use a measuring tape or laser measurer. Make sure you mark the borders of your lawn so you know where to start installing the turf.

Mark out any existing obstacles that may affect installing the grass

Once you’ve measured your area, mark any obstacles affecting how you install the turf. This could be trees, posts, paths or steps.

Make sure you consider how much space these obstacles will require when laying the turf. If necessary, trim the grass to make it fit around them more naturally.

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Purchase the artificial grass and prepare the ground

Purchase of the artificial grass is the next step. Make sure you’ve measured correctly and bought enough turf to cover the area you’ve marked out.

You should also prepare the ground by removing existing debris and levelling it off if necessary. This will ensure that your artificial grass turf lies securely in place without any bumps or ridges once it’s been laid.

You can prepare by also laying a weed barrier fabric over the soil to prevent weeds from growing through.

Cut and attach the artificial turf.

When laying the artificial turf, you should start from the corner of your marked-out area and work outwards. Cut each piece to size with a Stanley knife and secure it in place with nails or staples.

Ensure the edges are neat and tidy by trimming away any excess grass material. You can also use landscaping glue around the edges to ensure that your artificial turf stays firmly in place.

Be careful to leave enough room between pieces to expand and contract without buckling or lifting up.

Once your turf is laid, fill any visible gaps or seams with a suitable filler such as sand or rubber granules. This will provide extra stability and help to conceal any joins.

Final steps

Finishing off your artificial turf installation involves brushing the grass to make it look more natural. You can do this using a stiff brush or power broom, making sure you go against the grain of the grass.

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Who should install your artificial grass?

Installation of artificial grass is a specialist job, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They’ll be able to provide you with advice on the best type of grass for your needs, as well as take measurements and ensure that your turf is fitted correctly and safely.

However, if the space you are fitting artificial turf to is relatively small, it may be possible to do it yourself. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow them precisely.

Finally, always remember to dispose of any old grass properly, as this can have an environmental impact if left on your lawn or in a landfill.

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