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Blackbutt Nature Reserve

About Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Nestled just six kilometres outside of Newcastle’s bustling city centre lies a lush oasis spanning over 180 hectares – Blackbutt Reserve. This natural haven invites visitors to not only escape the hustle and bustle of the city but also to engage in a variety of recreational activities while learning about conservation and research programs. Blackbutt Reserve offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and understand the importance of environmental education. Whether you’re strolling the walking tracks, observing the wildlife or participating in one of the many educational programs – there is something for everyone at Blackbutt Reserve.

Experience the wonder of native wildlife up close and personal at Blackbutt Reserve. Our modern and spacious wildlife exhibits showcase a variety of native animals, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to observe and learn about each species. The interpretative signage located along our wheelchair and pram-friendly boardwalk allows you to dive deep into the fascinating world of fauna. Our reserve also boasts a restored rainforest that is a habitat for rare and vulnerable species. With the Eucalypt Forest and pockets of significant remnant vegetation, Blackbutt Reserve guarantees an unforgettable day out in nature.

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

What to do at Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Imagine spending a lazy afternoon surrounded by tranquil nature, enjoying a peaceful picnic spot with the gentle sizzle of an electric or wood fire barbecue nearby. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at Blackbutt Reserve, a stunning natural environment with undulating terrain and diverse habitats that are home to an array of unique flora and fauna. Venture down one of the many nature trails and discover hidden pockets of serene beauty, or spend time at one of the wildlife exhibits where you can get up close and personal with a range of delightful animals, including koalas, wombats, native birds, emus, and kangaroos. It’s a beautiful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with the natural world.

Step into the world of nature and wildlife at Blackbutt Reserve! With a range of feeding shows and reptile exhibits, you’ll get a glimpse into the fascinating lives of animals in the wild. Be sure to check out the website for the latest information on wildlife feeding schedules and reptile shows. And if you need some refreshments or want to grab some souvenirs to remember your experience, the Blackbutt Kiosk is the perfect spot. Drop by during your visit for information or to pick up a cup of tea or coffee, snacks, and authentic Australian souvenirs. It’s the perfect way to cap off a fun and educational day out in nature!

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction is:

Website: Artificial Grass Newcastle Experts

Address: 119 Young Road, Lambton NSW 2299

Phone: (02) 4072 2364